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As your local commercial cleaning experts in Wichita, KS and the surrounding area, we are dedicated to making sure your business, office, or facility looks as clean, new, and organized as possible. We are a team of professional cleaners with trained and hard-working staff, in possession of the required knowledge and equipment to deliver on our promise each time.

Whether it is regular maintenance or an unforeseen circumstance, Let’s Fog Cleaning Services is always ready to help. In addition, we provide earth-friendly services and products that are eco-friendly, successfully disproving the common misconception that products that are safe for the environment are not the best at cleaning. We look at the big picture, which involves removing germs without adding new germs in the 360-degree Electrostatic sanitizing and disinfecting process. When it comes to finding a well-priced, eco-friendly commercial cleaning company, we are truly your top choice. To learn more about our commercial office cleaning services in the Wichita, Kansas area call us at (316) 500-7589 or request a FREE QUOTE today!

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Commercial Cleaning Services


 -Deep Cleaning and Sanitization
-Fully Insured & Bonded Janitors
-Consistently High Customer Service
-24/7 Flexible Cleaning Schedules



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Wichita KS COVID 19 Business Disinfecting Cleaning Services Lets Fog

COVID-19 Business Disinfecting Cleaning Services

Founded with the primary goal of helping to combat the spread of COVID-19, Let’s Fog Cleaning Services is also effective in helping to combat other viruses like norovirus and influenza, bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, infections like MRSA, and mold. Our electrostatic fogging disinfection process meets EPA standards and achieves 360-degree, touchless disinfection. 

  • Eliminates Human Error and Reduces Outbreaks

  • Boosts Worker Happiness and Customer Confidence

  • Simplifies With Safer Technology and Chemicals

How Electrostatic Fogging Disinfection Works Lets Fog Wichita KS Video

How Electrostatic Fogging Disinfection Works

Let’s Fog Cleaning Services uses a liquid disinfecting solution dispensed by electrostatic sprayers. The sprayers utilize positive and negative charges to ensure the liquid disinfecting solution electromagnetically sticks to the target surface, allowing for 360-degree, even coverage. 

Browse Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should we consider electrostatic fogging disinfection?

    The CDC reports that productivity linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee. Additionally, a recent report on the current and post-pandemic workplace found that:

    • 56% of respondents worry about being in close proximity to colleagues once they return to the office
    • 61% of respondents anticipate spending less time in common areas in the office
    • 79% of respondents want better cleaning procedures

    While regular janitorial services are irreplaceable, electrostatic fogging disinfection by Let’s Fog Cleaning Services is a great addition that guarantees all areas are disinfected. Because our services provide 360-degree coverage, employees are given the peace of mind they need.

  • What are the benefits of electrostatic fogging disinfection?

    In addition to combatting mold, viruses like coronavirus, norovirus and influenza, bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, and infections like MRSA, Let’s Fog Cleaning Services:

    • IMPROVES compliance standards.
    • ELIMINATES human error and cross contamination.
    • SIMPLIFIES with safer technology and chemicals.
    • REDUCES outbreaks.
    • BOOSTS worker happiness and success.
    • INCREASES customer confidence.
  • What facilities can benefit from electrostatic fogging disinfection?

    Many different types of facilities can benefit greatly from electrostatic fogging disinfection. These include but are not limited to:

    • Athletic Facilities
    • Commercial Offices
    • Daycare Centers
    • Food Service Buildings
    • Group Transportation Providers
    • Gyms
    • Large Event Venues
    • Medical Facilities
    • Multi-Housing Common Areas
    • Schools
    • Senior Living Facilities
  • What is the disinfectant?

    Let’s Fog Cleaning Services uses a powerful and versatile Purtabs by EvaClean disinfecting and sanitizing product. The EPA-registered tablets are dissolved in liquid before the solution is dispensed with Protexus by EvaClean sprayers.

  • What can the disinfectant be used on?

    Electrostatic fogging disinfection can be utilized on porous, non-porous and food contact surfaces for 100 percent room coverage. As long as it is not applied directly and at close range, electrostatic fogging disinfection can even be safely performed around electronics. Customers can put papers and anything else they do not want to be sprayed away before the scheduled service.

  • What does the disinfectant combat?

    Our disinfecting services may be utilized to help combat mold, viruses like coronavirus, norovirus and influenza, bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, and infections like MRSA.

  • How long does electrostatic fogging disinfection take?

    The application time will vary depending on the size of the building, but the electrostatic fogging disinfection process takes only 10 minutes to thoroughly disinfect. After that, you are ready to use your building.

  • How long does electrostatic fogging disinfection last?

    Electrostatic fogging disinfection kills unwanted pathogens from every targeted surface but will not protect those surfaces from becoming infected again. So, facilities introduced to new, potentially harmful pathogens often, such as a medical facility, school or gym, should have electrostatic fogging disinfection done more often.

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